R.E.C. Visual Artist S. Whittaker

About S. Whittaker
Bold. Incisive. Innovative. When S. Whittaker approaches a canvas, she brings an intense combination of talent and soul to every brushstroke. Her artistic vision resonates instantly with viewers and draws them deeply into her work. Often they find that it will not let them go.
Born in Panama, Stephanie Whittaker was drawing regularly by age three. It was not, however, until she was eleven—six years after moving to Brooklyn, New York—that art began to change her life. That year, her grandfather gave Stephanie fabric paint along with some t-shirts and visors in hopes that she might make some money. “Ever since that day,” she reminiscences, “I have been an entrepreneur.” With her newly discovered love of design and strong support from her family, Stephanie spent much of her youth combining her talents for art and business.
During high school, Stephanie discovered that she enjoyed painting. “I wasn't afraid of it,” she says. “Transforming from pencil to oil paintings can be a bit intimidating. It's a whole different form of applying art to a surface. My teacher was amazed.” Stephanie went on to attend classes at the Borough of Manhattan College for “Small Business Entrepreneurship” as well as studying at the School of Visual Arts. “I wasn't able to finish at the School of Visual Arts because I couldn't afford their tuition. Eventually, all my art skills became self-taught. I basically graduated from Self-Taught University.”
When Stephanie met Robyn Willard, CEO of Reign Entertainment Co, she found a mentor who was not afraid to demand more from her artistically. “When I realized that all she wanted to do was help me and push me,” says Stephanie, “I learned to accept criticism and push myself.”

Her efforts have paid off. By age 23, Stephanie was signed as a visual artist for Reign Entertainment Co. and named Creative Director for World Wide Reign Graphics. She incorporates her paintings with graphics to produce one-of-a-kind products for World Wide Reign Graphics. She frequently shows her paintings all over the United States, winning acclaim from celebrities and art-lovers alike.
What does the future hold for S. Whittaker?
“My goal is to be known as one of the hottest painters and open doors for other artists to shine while alive and not only after death,” Stephanie says. “I desire to paint what the world is afraid to speak of. Robyn Willard is certain Stephanie will succeed. “Her ability to exude an array of emotions through her art is truly ingenious. S. Whittaker will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest painters of all times!"