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Rob x Steph Brand

Of art history’s game-changing partnerships, the creative duo has also, many times over, recast the shape of art. Robyn (Rob) Willard and Stephanie (Steph) Whittaker's collaboration is an essential, motivating agent in the development of their practices, which span monumental paintings, fashion, and innovative art installations.

Rob, born in the Bronx and raised in Harlem, NY, met Panamanian-born, Brooklyn-raised Steph in 2005 when a mutual colleague connected the two to start a music collaboration. Intrigued by each other’s differences, Rob, a Scorpio, and Steph, a Gemini, also known as the "Yin and Yang" of personalities, budded a friendship that has been a fascinating rollercoaster.

At the time, Rob was writing music professionally and started her own business, Reign Entertainment Co. Steph, for her part, had already established herself as a graphic designer, DJ, and portrait artist in the Brooklyn art scene, while attending college at the School of Visual Arts. But it wasn't until Steph signed with her best friend Rob in 2012 that the two collaborated on some of their most ambitious works, which would shapeshift throughout their careers.

With Rob’s boundless creative visions coupled with Steph’s adept multitasking ability, together they would unlock limitless artistry potential for the pair. Creating one-of-a-kind artworks for novice and experienced art buyers all over the world. In 2013, Rob financed and put together the duo's first art exhibit, "Time Signature" in Manhattan, NYC. The two premiered 3d paintings, one of which was a 4ft x 4ft 2d and 3d Michael Jackson painting when accompanied with 3d glasses.


Over the years, it has been hard to convey to onlookers the scope of this dynamic pair. During a 2019 interview, Steph promptly corrected the interviewer, who directed a question about the inspiration behind their first-ever Instagram Art Exhibit "Woman" to only her. The duo asserted that their collaboration was essential—"a unity of opposites," as Rob once described. After developing the idea for a work in tandem, the two continue to work closely, pushing the conventional boundaries of the arts.



What started off with Rob seemingly the dominating behind the scenes leader who handled the business aspects of the duo with little creative input. The introverted personality of Rob is starting to show how much of her creative artistry has been kept dormant. Now, interestingly enough, Steph, who was once the extroverted student of Rob, has found herself in the role of teaching Rob how to own her own talents out loud. Hence their new show ~ The Proud Introvert Show on


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