Woman Art Line Piece #15  "#Queen Bee Kim"

Woman Art Line Piece #15 "#Queen Bee Kim"

Reign Ent Co.

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15th piece 

#Woman Art Line Curated by Robyn Willard. First ever Instagram Exhibit Debuted in 2014, featuring R.E.C. Artist S. Whittaker 

Day 15 Reign Entertainment Co. CEO Robyn Willard presents our Art Collection Woman, featuring R.E.C. Artist "Steph" S. Whittaker.

Lil Kim has left a dope memory for @SwhittakerREC. Back in the days S. Whittaker did a painting of Lil Kim to present to her at her album signing in Harlem, NY. While S. Whittaker waited on a long line, she decided to pull the painting out. Security held up the painting so that Kim could see it out of the record store window. Lil Kim told security to have S. Whittaker skip the line. Meeting Lil Kim left S. Whittaker in awe. Lil Kim was so humble and sweet and we took a picture together! Thank you Lil Kim for being such a kind and humble person who knows how to bring it! 

This piece is 20 x 20, mixed medium on canvas and available for sale. FEEL FREE 2 SHARE!!! Rob x Steph